Chapter 2 A narrow escape(III)
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By Annebella (1 严祎睿)

What should we do?Kill them?” She asked, aiming at the door. “ No, “ said Harry thoughtfully. “ You know you are not a killer. The best thing we’ll do is hand them to the police and let them take care of the matter. Mark my words, try to pull the trigger.”

  Lizza, angry at Harry, aimed at the door where she thought the two men were, closed her eyes and tried to pull. But no matter how she tried, she couldn’t bring herself to do it. It was as if an invisible string was pulling her back. At last, she lowered her gun. “ Let’s say we’ll kill if they don’t go to the police office.” Said Harry, and pushed open the door. Just at the same moment, the men rushed out , crying:”We’ve been spotted!”Harry and Lizza chased after them. The two men ran and disappeared in the bushes.

  Again, the killer had escaped.


 (To be continued...)