Chapter 2 A narrow escape(II)
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By Annebella (1 严祎睿)

Money couldn’t last forever, and for days and days Harry and Lizza had to worry about it against their will and they were forced to sell the car and soon, every last dollar gave out, there would be no turning back.

As much as they wanted to go back to their own safe, warm home, they didn’t lose their promise, and they remembered that terrible day which was only seventeen days ago, but it seemed a long, long time ago. Sometimes, it seemed like a nightmare yesterday.

Day after day, they huddled in the damp corner of a building.

A week later, Harry saw a black masked man run into the building, so they followed. The guard, demanded who the man was. when he replied :”Mr. Lender”, the guard let him go. Lizza decided they’d better be unseen. “ I’ll bet there’s a secret meeting going on,” whispered Lizza, “ In the building!”

Unseen by the guard, they crept into the building . A door barred their way. Slowly, they tried to open it. So they pressed their ears against it.

“ I killed the boy, boss, and his friend , Haley, is trying to find me.” said Mr. Lender, the man who didn’t even know Harry’s name, completely unaware of “ the boy, Harley” was beside the door, taking notes.

“ And how, will you get rid of that smart girl and Harley?”Sneered a raspy voice that Harry suspected was the boss.“ I ......” For once, Mr. Lender had lost his voice. “ I , killed my girlfriend, Lenny, too.” Harry had heard enough, fighting the urge to dash in and strangle the two men. Harry turned to Lizza, who was trying out a new gun she found.


 (to be continued...)