Chapter 2 A narrow escape(I)
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A narrow escape(I)

By Annebella      (1 严祎睿)

The next morning, Lizza knocked on Harry’s door, and Harry opened it to find Lizza was all set to go.

He shoved the socks, pants and clothes into a camp bag and Lizza took her purse which contained one hundred dollars. The rest kept in Harry’s house, Harry took fifty in case of emergency and stored it in his socks.

He and Lizza both put their little bit of their possessions into their backpacks and left a note for Harry’s parents, explaining that they were going to go for three years outside and asked their parents not to worry. They felt bad, but they also knew that there was no turning back.

They used ten dollars to buy all sorts of newspapers, and on the tenth page ,they found the old home’s address  and that it was deserted. Yet, they thought Mr. Lender( Wizard’s name,  because Harry had forgotten the notebook, he memorized it by heart)  might be lurking somewhere, so they used forty dollars to buy train tickets and used thirty to buy a ten-day stay there.

Still no luck. On the tenth day, they went through some woods, and used seventy dollars to buy some guns and some bullets. The fifty dollars for emergency was now gone, and they had to hunt some animals to eat and sell the guns. They traded some of their clothes to get enough money to rent a car with six bottles of gasoline and a bath room and two beds inside.

Then one day, Harry caught a glim of the black van. He drove in pursuit, only to find it was not the black van, but a black bus.